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General Mailbox info@murphysanitary.com
Jeannie Murphy, President jmurphy@murphysanitary.com
Billy Drake, General Manager bdrake@murphysanitary.com
Glenda Bigbie, Chief Financial Officer gbigbie@murphysanitary.com
Karen Baker- Inventory Control kbaker@murphysanitary.com
Sybil Foust- Administration Assistant sfoust@murphysanitary.com
Jason Glass, Service & Repairs repairs@murphysanitary.com
Phone 918-461-2200
Fax 918-461-1952
Visit Showroom 13105 East 61st Street, Suite B- Map to Murphy









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Murphy Sanitary Supply, LLC
13105 East 61st Street, Suite B, Broken Arrow, OK 74012-1192
Phone 918.461.2200
Fax 918.461.1952
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